Our history


Ebano, based in the city of Barcelona and with a professional career since 1983, is specialized in the design and manufacture of items made with semi-precious stones.

A decade ago, we began to create a collection of jewelry in semi-precious stones combined with sterling silver, today being a reference point in terms of design and market trends.

Our trajectory is marked by the constant search for new trends without ceasing to maintain the artisanal characteristics of production. This means that we continue to hand-knot each piece in our collection. We manufacture jewelry of great natural beauty and all types of personalized designs at very competitive prices.

The rapid consolidation in the Spanish market since our beginnings, thanks to the seriousness and rigor inherent in a job well done, has allowed us to cross borders and become one of the leading companies in the export of jewelry to countries such as the United States and Russia.

Among our firm's creations you can find necklaces, bracelets and earrings made with various materials such as wood, agates, mother-of-pearl, corals, carnelian, onyx and a wide variety of semi-precious stones. Deliberate mixtures of elements that are the product of a deep knowledge of the countries of origin of the stones and anticipation in the design. Exotic pieces, striking for their irregular shapes, full of links and always united under the common embrace of sterling silver.